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          Automatic Can Packing System Auxiliary Equipments
          Automatic Depalletizer

          Speed:60 cans/min
          Max.Specification of Cans Stacks:1400*1300*1800mm
          Power Supply: 3P  AC208-415V  50/60Hz
          Total Power:1.6KW
          Overall Dimension:4766*1954*2413mm

          Features:To send the empty cans from layers to the unscrambling machine.And this machine applies to unloading operation of empty tin cans and aluminum cans.
          Fully stainless steel structure,Some transmission parts electroplated steel
          Servo system driving cans-fetching device to lift and fall
          PLC & touch screen make it be easy of operation.
          With one belt conveyor,PVC green belt.Belt width 1200mm

          Working Theory:
          Firstly moving the empty cans to the designated position manually (with cans mouth upward) and turn on the switch, the system will identify the empty cans pallet height by photoelectric detect. Then empty cans will be pushed to the joint board and then the transitional belt waiting for use. Per feedback from the unscrambling machine, cans will be transported forward accordingly. Once one layer gets unloaded, system will remind people automatically to take away the cardboard between layers.
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